Curriculum Transition

In general, the rule for transition process from 2008’s curricula to 2013’s curricula is that a student must be able to graduate with a minimum of 144 credits hours. All the credit hours have been taken so far (according to 2008’s curricula and rules) will be counted and the student is required to make a plan of study to achieve the required minimum 144 credit hours with their academic advisors.

In order to fulfill the remaining credit hours to achieve 144 credits hours of the undergraduate study in the EE program, a student must follow the ITB transition guideline with the following priority sequence:

Priority 1.  Student must finish their first year with 36 credit hours,

Priority 2.  Student must fulfill the required EE compulsory courses of 82 credit hours that must contain

[1]  a basic science course from the approved list, and
[2]  some EE core courses in the Semester VII and VIII, i.e.

  • EL4018 Profession & Engineering Ethics,
  • EL4090 Final Project I (Capstone Design),
  • EL4091 Final Project II (Capstone Design),
  • EL4092 Industrial Experience.

Priority 3.  Student must fulfill the required ITB general education of 8 credit hours comprises of

[1]  KU206x Religion & Ethics, and
[2]  KU2071 Pancasila & Civic Education, and
[3]  Management course from the approved list, and
[4]  Environmental course from the approved list.

Priority 4.  Student must fulfill the minimum of 3 credit hours of Non-EE courses,

Priority 5.  Student must fulfill the required credits of EE elective courses.

Priority of the course is available as a table here